Welcome to GyroWorld where we specialize in some of the most delicious
Gyro's Cleveland has to offer. we offer either Lamb or Chicken for any of our
Gyro's, and we offer them in 3 different size's, 6", full size and super size.
We also offer our Gyro's in a variety of ways, a Philly Gyro, a Reuben Gyro, a Fajita Gyro,
just to mention a few.
But we are far from only a Gyro spot, we offer delicious 1/4 pound burgers and Cheeseburgers
We also offer Gyro Salads and a variety of mouthwatering sides.
All offered at prices that wont break the bank. Many of our menu item's are offer in Combo configuration
and our 2 traditional Gyro's for $6 daily special
We think you will fall in Love with GyroWorld from the moment you taste our food
to the moment you realize how reasonably priced we are.